EdTech project from pro.finansy is a website and mobile application for beginners and experienced investors: managing investment portfolios and personal finance, training, analytics and communication. All in one place.
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We took the number of satisfied students, subtracted the number of dissatisfied students from this number, and divided the resulting sum by all those who participated in the survey.

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200 000+
студентов по всему миру 
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PRO.FINANSY solves three of your tasks on the way from a beginner to an advanced investor
Task #1
Make up-to-date training in personal finance and investments available to you
Task #3
Make portfolio management easier and more convenient for all investors with a single platform and help you achieve your investment goals faster
Task #2
Collect in one place all the tools that help investors make smart investment decisions and make money on it
Fundamental and technical analysis, a convenient and simple service for selecting stocks, forecasts and analysts' assessment of the situation on the market and specific assets, a dividend calendar, news from the world of finance and their impact on the value of securities, company reports over the past 10 years and their analysis along with other instruments
200 000+
студентов по всему миру 
прошло наше обучение
How will pro.finansy help you improve your financial situation and make money on investments?
Learn in one place
Learn investments directly on the platform - from basic knowledge to advanced levels
Use ready-made analytics and earn more
Choose the best and most profitable assets for your portfolio with the help of analytics from a team of experienced investors along with a simple and convenient service for selecting securities
Find new ideas in the investor community
Learn new things in a community of like-minded people - online and in live meetings, discuss investment ideas and improve them, increasing the profitability of your investments
Manage your finances and build savings
Keep track of your personal budget and find “extra” money in it. Create financial goals and manage investment portfolios in one place so as not to spend a lot of time on it
If you have any questions about the site and the pro.finansy app, please contact the care department staff. They will help you figure out how the platform will help you!
The pro.finansy functionality will help you find "extra" money among your expenses and earn on investments
Investments are available to everyone
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